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We NEVER ship puppies under any circumstances as we think it provides a terrible start.

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He sent him to a specialist to do some type of “cleansing” of the lungs which would require to put her under general anesthesia.

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Merle is a varied coat pattern. More…

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F2 is a goldendoodle bred back to a goldendoodle. More…

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The ideal wool coat should hang in loose hollow spirals. It is acceptable to exhibit a spring appearance rather than spiral but a sprung wool coat is undesirable. An overly thick or dense coat is also undesirable. There should be no body odor or shedding in the Fleece and Wool coat. Has the highest rate of success of the three coat types for being allergy and asthma friendly. It will need to be brushed/combed thoroughly about once a week.

Goldendoodles will shed less than your average golden retriever but the level of shedding will vary from doodle to doodle.

Yes, of course there have been issues with genetic diseases in humans as well — often due to inbreeding and thus a lack of genetic diversity within those populations in some populations.

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